Hunan and Szechuan Dishes


H12. General Tso's Chicken-(White Meat)Spicy
Tender chicken lightly coat & fried to crisp. w.our delicious sauce, excellent!
H13. Sesame Chicken - (White Meat) $11.60
H14. Orange Chicken - (White Meat)Spicy $11.60
H15. Chicken w. Cashew Nuts $10.60
H16. Chicken w. Garlic SauceSpicy
Chicken, broccoli, snow peas, mushroom, baby corn& waterchestnuts
H17. Hunan ChickenSpicy $10.60
H18. Kung Pao ChickenSpicy
Breaded chicken, peanuts, waterchestnuts, mushroom baby corn & celery
H19. Szechuan ChickenSpicy $10.60


H20. Hunan ShrimpSpicy $11.60
H21. Kung Pao ShrimpSpicy $11.60
H22. Sesame Shrimp $11.60
H23. Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts $11.60
H24. Shrimp w. Garlic SauceSpicy $11.60
H25. Szechuan ShrimpSpicy $11.60


H26. Beef w. Garlic SauceSpicy $11.50
H27. Hunan BeefSpicy $11.50
H28. Scallion Beef $11.50
H29. Szechuan BeefSpicy $11.50


H30. Double Cooked PorkSpicy $9.60
H31. Hot & Spicy PorkSpicy $9.60
H32. Hunan PorkSpicy $9.60
H33. Pork w. Garlic SauceSpicy $9.60
H34. Szechuan PorkSpicy $9.60